Lake Hodges #20180423

On April 23, 2018, our class went to Lake Hodges. Especially, I love the dam so much.


Little Tokyo LA

Last week, I went to Little Tokyo in LA with my friends.

It’s almost magic hour of sunset, so I took some urban landscape there.

Also, I continued working on my existing photos and my website during the weekends.

San Elijo Lagoon


Doing research before shooting is really a very effective method.


For example, Lemonade Berry, I met them like the old friends, although I did see them for the first time. In this case, I could shoot according to their characteristics. Such as, the fruit of Lemonade Berry is very unique. So I put more attention on it instead of the common leaves.

I have not done any research on other plants, so I felt very stressful. I did not know what characteristics they should emphasize. This was the biggest gain I have learned this time.

Sanelijo Research 20180401

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1.Mission Manzanita is my favorite in the list because it is unique. 

Each Mission Manzanita has the beautiful colors, red, pink, white, and green on the top.

Actually, it is one kind of endangered plant. Currently, the young Mission Manzanita is less and less. It is the time to protect them and record them now, otherwise it would disappear in the near future.


2.Arroyo Willow

It looks like a caterpillar.
The interior is green and it is pure white outside. It is very unique.


3.Wild Radish

It is not native but it has strong life. 

It has four petals and looks like a little purple butterfly.


4.Torrey Pine

They are the rarest pine in North America. Obviously, it is a kind of pine. 

They grow on the top of the cliff. The long needles make people very easy to notice them.


5.Lemonade Berry

The pink flowers cover the red seeds. It looks like the face of the old monkeys.

Sometimes it appearance makes people uncomfortable.


6.California Buckwheat

It is a plant growing densely together.  Its white flowers are so romantic and moving.