Artist Panel Review

On 27 April 2017, Professor diBenedetto invited some local artists to have the speech in CSUSM.

A female artist used lots of pattern from all over the world in her works. This is fun and it’s a connection among the references, the control, the taste and the creativity. That is what I learned from her experience.

Our Professor diBenedetto is an unique female, especially as a female navy photographer. She said that in art world male are always higher than female with no reason. But in navy world, she felt the equal, the same job, the equal paid and she was proud of herself. She said “Why we make art? To change the world.” Her dream is so big and so attractive to me, and I hope to chase this aim as my goal as well from now on. I love this powerful woman. And she has a healthy relationship with her cute smart daughter. This is so different from Chinese Parent-child relationship.

Futhermore, she taught us three part of skills in art world.

>>> Process of Art


2.come up with concepts

3.leave safe space

4.stimulation among peers

5.write your idea and process in detail!

>>> Work Hard and Work Skills work work




5.create deadline

6.create timelines


8.push beyond the limit

>>> 3 Major Keys


2.collaboration in your field – interships/ apprenticeship

These are priceless. I appreciate Professor diBenedetto deeply!


Evaluation of My Works in Spring 2017

My two favorite works are Photobooth and Environmental Portraits in School Studio, thus, I don’t like my “ways of seeing”.

Photobooth opened my mind to pulic step by step. I grew up from a shy boy to a boy who could handle issues alone bravely.  It has a big significance to my life. I don’t know, I always hope a power from outside to push me into growing up faster, I might know this potential power in my deep mind but I am too lazy to wake it up.


Environmental Portraits in School Studio, it’s my first time to enter a professional studio. I always saw it in movies or music videos, but that time I walked in a real studio. I was so excited and learned a lot about light and environmental portraits in studio. Classmates were so friendly and they seemed like talented models. They were so cute and goodlooking, and I got some great portraits.

I don’t like my “ways of seeing” at all. It was my first assignment and that time I even did not know how to switch to the M/A/P mode. I used auto, I was so silly. And those photos are too common, although I love 15 kinds of ways of seeing, that’s important in my works this semester.

Letters to a young artist: Sense Memory

“Your grandmother is losing her memory. Her short-term memory, that is. She cannot remember seeing you yesterday, but she can remember with clarity her girlhood. I would like to take this interest that you have in memory and talk about your memory as a gold mine for your art.”

“So: memory. Memory is not only a practical utility that helps us know where we are. Memory is an essential substance for us, as artists. Memory is the beginning of romance; it’s at the root of feeling.”

I love these sentences for real. Artists have big value in this world, like memory. 

Businessmen make unemotional production while artists make art that preserves memory.

If I could choose, definetly I will choose to become an artist. I think keep memory alive is the only value that I live in this world.

I hate being a cruel greedy businessmen. They will be forgotten in long long history.

Ian Ruther & Richard Renaldi

Ian Ruther

There is never the worst case if you love and never give up on your career.

Be an unique artist and do not go with the vulgar flow. Ian Ruther gets his photos in a van, it’s a fancy idea that I never had in mind. Plus, it looks like expensive and difficult to get his photos from a large wet board, but Ian Ruther loves to get his photographs in this way, he said it’s more natural and more like a photograph. Sometimes, artists just stick to their personal strange ideas. I admire them for being so persistent.


Richard Renaldi

I looked through my classmate Kyler Smith’s blog and his sentences “The concept of bringing 2-3 complete strangers together for a photo feels like it brings a sense of unity to all of us. It shows that we are all strangers of this world and even though we don’t know each other, it doesn’t mean we can’t all love each other.” touched me deeply. Richard Renaldi did his art on New York street. He looks eccentric but I ensure he is a genius.

I plan to visit NY this summer and take photos for strangers there like him. He inspired me.


Robyn Davidson & Rick Smolan

On April 26, 2017 I watched a video called “Robyn Davidson, Wanderer, Author & Rick Smolan, Photographer”. It’s an incredible adventure which these two crazy people went through about 2000 miles Outback by camels in Australia.

After this experience, Robyn Davidson worked on her book and movie about it. She did these not for fame or money, it’s all about finding herself and exploring a real world by herself. It has big significance to Robyn Davidson, moreover, to everybody.

Before the adventure, some people held back Robyn Davidson’s crazy idea. However she insisted and she did it successfully. 

We have to be clear that there are too much fake information in our world nowadays. Only, we must experience those by ourselves, in this case, we know the truth 100%, otherwise, who could say lions are strong or vultures are cruel?

Everybody Street

On April 26, 2017 I watched a movie called “Everybody Street” which my professor diBenedetto recommended.

Basically, it shot in New York and recorded a street photographers. I found that art may not always under lots of plans. It could be casual and random. Sometimes, these pieces are more authentic and attractive. It seems that this photographers do not get the permission and just shoot. It’s kind of fun like an unknown journey.

It also seems like that those street photographers love freedom and breaking the dogmatic rules of this world. I am interested in this kind of  lifestyle. Maybe I will choose it one day, nobody knows the future, right?

And I know that if you want to shoot something. Go ahead and shoot without any useless hesitation, please. 

Catch the time and follow your heart!