Letters to a young artist: Sense Memory

“Your grandmother is losing her memory. Her short-term memory, that is. She cannot remember seeing you yesterday, but she can remember with clarity her girlhood. I would like to take this interest that you have in memory and talk about your memory as a gold mine for your art.”

“So: memory. Memory is not only a practical utility that helps us know where we are. Memory is an essential substance for us, as artists. Memory is the beginning of romance; it’s at the root of feeling.”

I love these sentences for real. Artists have big value in this world, like memory. 

Businessmen make unemotional production while artists make art that preserves memory.

If I could choose, definetly I will choose to become an artist. I think keep memory alive is the only value that I live in this world.

I hate being a cruel greedy businessmen. They will be forgotten in long long history.


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