Ian Ruther & Richard Renaldi

Ian Ruther

There is never the worst case if you love and never give up on your career.

Be an unique artist and do not go with the vulgar flow. Ian Ruther gets his photos in a van, it’s a fancy idea that I never had in mind. Plus, it looks like expensive and difficult to get his photos from a large wet board, but Ian Ruther loves to get his photographs in this way, he said it’s more natural and more like a photograph. Sometimes, artists just stick to their personal strange ideas. I admire them for being so persistent.


Richard Renaldi

I looked through my classmate Kyler Smith’s blog and his sentences “The concept of bringing 2-3 complete strangers together for a photo feels like it brings a sense of unity to all of us. It shows that we are all strangers of this world and even though we don’t know each other, it doesn’t mean we can’t all love each other.” touched me deeply. Richard Renaldi did his art on New York street. He looks eccentric but I ensure he is a genius.

I plan to visit NY this summer and take photos for strangers there like him. He inspired me.



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