Evaluation of My Works in Spring 2017

My two favorite works are Photobooth and Environmental Portraits in School Studio, thus, I don’t like my “ways of seeing”.

Photobooth opened my mind to pulic step by step. I grew up from a shy boy to a boy who could handle issues alone bravely.  It has a big significance to my life. I don’t know, I always hope a power from outside to push me into growing up faster, I might know this potential power in my deep mind but I am too lazy to wake it up.


Environmental Portraits in School Studio, it’s my first time to enter a professional studio. I always saw it in movies or music videos, but that time I walked in a real studio. I was so excited and learned a lot about light and environmental portraits in studio. Classmates were so friendly and they seemed like talented models. They were so cute and goodlooking, and I got some great portraits.

I don’t like my “ways of seeing” at all. It was my first assignment and that time I even did not know how to switch to the M/A/P mode. I used auto, I was so silly. And those photos are too common, although I love 15 kinds of ways of seeing, that’s important in my works this semester.


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