Artist Panel Review

On 27 April 2017, Professor diBenedetto invited some local artists to have the speech in CSUSM.

A female artist used lots of pattern from all over the world in her works. This is fun and it’s a connection among the references, the control, the taste and the creativity. That is what I learned from her experience.

Our Professor diBenedetto is an unique female, especially as a female navy photographer. She said that in art world male are always higher than female with no reason. But in navy world, she felt the equal, the same job, the equal paid and she was proud of herself. She said “Why we make art? To change the world.” Her dream is so big and so attractive to me, and I hope to chase this aim as my goal as well from now on. I love this powerful woman. And she has a healthy relationship with her cute smart daughter. This is so different from Chinese Parent-child relationship.

Futhermore, she taught us three part of skills in art world.

>>> Process of Art


2.come up with concepts

3.leave safe space

4.stimulation among peers

5.write your idea and process in detail!

>>> Work Hard and Work Skills work work




5.create deadline

6.create timelines


8.push beyond the limit

>>> 3 Major Keys


2.collaboration in your field – interships/ apprenticeship

These are priceless. I appreciate Professor diBenedetto deeply!


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