Photobooth: Sorry I Lost My SD Card

On March 23, 2017, during our spring break, I took photobooth with my partner Mo in front of a graffiti wall  in LA. Street art is special in art world and it’s popular among young people.

Here is a link of a tiny video which records our process:

Unfortunately, I lost my SD card after I printed Top 2 of my photobooth, maybe it is in Costco, maybe on the way to home, maybe on the sprinter, I don’t know. I connected with these departments, but I still can not find it. Thus, I only save these two photos into my hard drive. It means I lost other 18 photos. I truly felt terrible and bad these days. This feeling seems like I lost my babies. When I close my eyes and hope to fall asleep, I just can not sleep and worry so much about it all the time.

First, I lost 18 great photos, the people who I shot were so kind and smiled sweetly. Although I lost the photos, I remembered all the moment which I shot them and the surrounding environment, even the clothes they wore.

Second, I broke my promise though there were only five people wanted me to email them the photos. However,  because of my lost, I could not keep my promise. I have emailed them to explain the situation. Still, I felt deeply guilty.

I spent 1.5 hour in taking 20 photos of my photobooth. During the shot time, I noticed that African-American were much more friendly and welcomed me to take photo for them. But white old women were indifferent, they did not listen even one word from my mouth, it seemed like I was a swindler. Thus, not everyone I talked with agreed me to take photos for his or her, at least 7 people said they were busy to go to school or go for a lunch. I understood them and maybe people in the big city are colder. I know it’s their lifestyle, I absolutely respect them.

Photobooth activity is an extraordinary experience, especially for the person who is not good at socializing.

In terms of my lost SD card, I learn a lesson that  undoubtedly SD card is super important for a photographer. And there will always be an alarm bell in my mind. I won’t make the same mistake twice.


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