Proposal of My Photo Book

Husheng Zhou

Professor diBenedetto

VSAR 302

30 March, 2017

    As an international student in the U.S. of America, I have been here for 8 months and I have some special experiences and stories. I have different background from local American, so my audiences who could be everyone who is interested in other culture may desire to read a photo book from a person who has a entirely unlike growth environment. I have this idea for months, now thanks to photography class at CSUSM, my dream has a chance to come true finally. Moreover, I want to add some of these important moment into my photo book. It must be very meaningful to myself. My biggest problem is lots of the photos are shot by my iphone because I never learn anything about photography before this semester. In this case, choosing nice pictures and editing them are not small projects. However, I will spend more time in carefully selecting nice photos, at least it is my hobby, I could handle it step by step.

    I hope my book could include the timeline of my story in the U.S.. In the introduction, I will introduce myself in a fun way, at least not boring. Also, I hope to thank my first host family, Brandy and Dennis, they have open mind and pretty kind. As local American, they give me plenty of freedom in their big house. Dennis had served for navy for about half of his life. He was a chef in navy, so he cooked well. It was my great pleasure that had meals with him luckily everyday at that time. Thus, American food is one vital part of American culture, especially I love juicy steaks and ribs best, I take some photos for these food certainly. Furthermore, travel is also a momentous part in my book.

    My audience could be everyone who gets bored or who is interested in people grew up in a different culture. And I hope after they go through my book, they could have a rest in my quiet photo book world. It is not easy at all because to relax stressful people is a huge challenge absolutely.

    In terms of living, I have moved out three times and at the end of each time there is always a small trouble. But at least I never hurt anyone, I stay polite and real all the time. We shared gifts, had meals together, lived in one tent when we went camping and etc. There are lots of stories in this part.

    In terms of traveling, I have been to Las Vegas, San Francisco and Grand Canyon. I have taken some photos there and these photos have the angles that I watch in this world. I will do some research in this part and make it profession like a travel guide maybe. I took some photos from special angles. I love downtown in Las Vegas best, it’s colorful and modern, although it is not a good place to study and live.

    In terms of photography class, personally I took the most beautiful photos so far in my life in this class, I never consider assignments are boring tasks, I did them seriously, thanks to these assignments, I have many good photos that I could add them into my book, although I lost my 18 photobooth photos which means I lost some pages of my book, but it’s fine, I gained other significative stuff in my heart.

    Above all, the main purpose is recording my life, time is passing every second, if I don’t record them, I will forget what happened rapidly. I have recorded my life for many years, it’s my lifestyle, I will continue to do it till I pass away.

    To achieve this, I have to clear up those plenty of photos which I never edit both from my iphone and camera. It’s a large project and it will cost me majority of the time in making this photo book. But some photos which are class assignments that I have edited them already, you could check them in my blog. Of course, I also need some money to order my photo book.

    In conclusion, I hope my book includes every pieces of me, my stories, my happiness, my depression, my travel and my inward world. I know some American do not like Chinese, so I try to change their dislike even just a little bit, at least I contribute my small energy. Thus, I don’t want to give my audiences any pressure. Hopefully, they could have a relaxing journey with me comfortably.



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