Husheng Zhou

Professor diBenedetto

VSAR 302

29 March, 2017

On March 25, 2017, I went to MOPA with my classmate Mo by public transportation because it’s much cheaper than take the taxi. Thus, it costs our 2 hours and a half but it’s fun to look up the map and the schedule, and meet different American or tourists.

When I was in MOPA, I perceived a lot like I was extending in the space.

“Prix Prictect: Disorder” is a contemporary exhibition which I am keen on it so much.

There is a piece looks like Chinese ink-wash painting which attracted me all the time by Chinese artists. I was extraordinarily surprised because it was made up by photos which include ruins, urban buildings or construction plant. That is amazing.

Moreover, there is a triptych, called “Blow Up”, which are about three bombing moment of a vase. First of all, I love the colors of roses, blue, red and yellow. Also I love the feeling of bombing, it seems like a person is yelling to his or her meaningless life. And I knew that a photographer is not only pressing the shutter, as well, he or she has to learn how to place the subject, how to control the color and how to make the thought into reality.

“India and The Picturesque” is about the history, religion and architecture in India. I don’t know, I am not very interested in it. However, I like the architecture part because different location and environment, architecture is super various all over the world. I just fall in love with differences. And now many historical buildings were destroyed by the development of city. In this case, these photos are precious. I am fond of recording stuff, recording every detail.

Finally, I hope to mention that photography has the duty to record a disaster or a war. Look at these people, they are sad and hopeless. Photos could help them to speak up their miserable situation. And more and more people will notice them and help them in any ways. It’s another strong power of photography.

These masterpieces enlarged me a lot.

Thanks to my professor that recommended us to visit these great exhibitions.


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