Environmental Portraits in Black Box

On March 8, 2017, I took photos for my classmate Manny in Arts 101 – Black Box in CSUSM.

I really love this mysterious classroom, or we could call it a theater.

Thanks to the graceful professor who has very very short cool hair, that I got the permission that I had a chance to participate in and had an entire dance class, actually, it is my first dance class in life. It’s a so great experience for sure.

Clearly, I remember that she said a dancer should communicate with the air and the space. When she started the rolling exercise on the floor, she said all parts of the body should touch the earth so that a dancer could feel the feedback from the environment. It’s the key in dance.

There were so much movement in a dance class but I chose the most silent one because I was afraid of disturbing them or kicking on them by accident.


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