Be An Artist, Right Now!

We watched a Ted speech in class. Here is the link:

Here is my review.

Everyone could be an artist, skill and age are not the depending factors.

It is clear that the ability to make art is inborn, they dance, act, paint, even lie(tell stories) !

And the art could be better without in order to earn money on purpose.

Please believe yourself, and do not give up when the people around you say that your art is not good enough. You could selectively accept their advice, not completely.

Sometimes the art is telling a story, it does not focus on how good is your painting or any kinds of art, the most vital is what’re the special concepts in your brain. 

Please do not stop making art because of realistic reasons. It’s stupid.

Please do not block yourself, everyone wants to be an artist in his deep mind, everyone can be an artist if they hold on consistently and persistently.



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