The Story of a Girl Natasha

I have to say I love this story, it’s like a novel like the photographer Rick Smolan said.

At first, I thought why this photographer expected himself as a god, it’s kind of prideful. Then he introduced his work, the background and all of their  experiences. I accepted it readily and noticed that I misunderstood him.

Rick Smolan, he is not only a photographer, but also a social activist, I thought.

I like this sentence from his speech: “ Shooting photographs is the finest form of delayed adolescence ever invented.”


It’s a story about an Amerasian girl, Hyun-Sook Lee who has an American name called Natasha later, was saved by the photographer, Rick Smolan. Actually Hyun-Sook Lee was his fifth shooting object. I was thinking why those front four Amerasian children weren’t enough lucky like Hyun-Sook Lee.

I thought thanks to Hyun-Sook Lee herself, she was always the leader in school, she wasn’t closed like other pitiful Amerasian children, and she was a special girl who had the ability that could arrange the orphanage even in only three days after she joined in.

Furthermore, they were fortunate that could be alive in a fire.

It’s not only Rick Smolan’s great contribution, she survived herself.

Later, she had a better education, a wonderful adoptive family, her own nice career and a blest marriage. Her key word is happiness.

Also, I want to call this the destiny.


Rick Smolan makes me think a lot about what is a good photographer?

At least, he makes me consider that being contributive, whatever for oneself, for others, for society or for the whole human being, is not only about recording, through photos or other activities by photographers.

I am still exploring the deep significance of photography.


(All the pictures above are from


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