Ways of Seeing

I took some pictures on Feb.09, 2017.

Professor Nancy said we couldn’t use the mode like landscape or portrait,

but I was a freshman and I knew nothing about camera. I have made a mistake. 

However, now I know that I should use the M mode to shoot.

It’s complicated but fun, there are many parameters(ISO, Aperture or WB) that I have to set by myself.

This is so attractive, I think it’s the key of the photos.

It’s also like a responsibility, a mission or a talent of a cameraman.

I love photography from now on.


Here are my ways of seeing:

1.Leading Lines


4.Spot Coloring

5.Contrasting colors 

6.Rules of third

7.Balance 1

8.Harmonious colors 

9.Balance 2



12.Worms Eye


14.Negative Space



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