Proof of Photography

Photography is about human being and nature.

Camera is powerful. It can catch the emotion of people, change the world and inspire!

Of cause it records the moment, further more, it changes the history and the world.

It’s about the connection, human to natural , human to human, natural to natural.

We use photos to care about others, whatever the environment or human beings.

Beauty is important to our life, we record those every moments by eyes or cameras.

Sometimes photography ask questions. Do you know what is the realistic in this world.

What do your think about the photos from the war, the poor, the death?

We can’t understand other community only by photos. We need more time but photos are the gates.

Photography opens our mind,change our life, change the world.

It makes me alive.

Taking photos is my right. Nobody could stop me.

I learn the world and myself more by photography.

I will stand on the most interesting stuff.

I will continue to move on!



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